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This set of transfers has been designed specifically for the P G Models range of models. They are primarily intended for use on the armoured vehicles, but some may also be of use on the Land Rovers and lorries.

There are three types of markings included in the set. The first is "Squadron Markings" and represents various different types of Call Sign used on vehicles Fitted for Radio (FFR) which is all armoured vehicles and some Land Rovers and lorries. Call Signs are provided in yellow and white for use on vehicles painted in green and black, and black ones for use on vehicles in desert schemes and also in UN white as seen in Bosnia. The second set of markings are "Vehicle Registration Numbers" in black and white which cover mainly armoured vehicles, and thirdly there are some yellow and red "Hazzard Warning Panels" as used on Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and also on the rear of Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

The transfers come with instructions on where to position them, and with some photos for a few ideas. There are enough transfers on each sheet for about 15 models.