Stowage Chocks

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Whenever military vehicles are transported on another vehicle or railway wagon they are always loaded securely. This is carried out by a combination of metal stowage chocks and either nylon strops that are tightened with tensioners, or metal chains that are tightened with turnbuckles.

I needed some stowage chocks, but could not find any from other manufacturers, and so have made some myself. These are very small and fiddly, so you'll need a steady hand and either a magnifying glass, or be really short-sighted like me.

The chocks come in a pack of six sets of four, to give a total of 24 chocks in a pack. They can be used to secure both tracked and wheeled vehicles to Warflat or Warwell railway wagons, and can also be used to secure the Scorpion family of vehicles [CVR(T)s] to DROPS flatracks or onto the loadbed of Foden Flatbed trucks. A vehicle will be driven onto the railway wagon/flatrack/truck and then the chocks will be nailed into the wooden bed of the carrying vehicle at one end and then the other, and then the chains or strops will be fitted in an 'X' pattern so that the load is pulled into the centre of the carrying vehicle. For tracked vehicles a chock is placed at either end of each track unit, as shown in the photos. For four wheeled vehicles chocks are placed both in front of and behind each wheel, requiring 8 chocks per vehicle.

The photos show a Scimitar loaded onto a Warflat wagon, with a stowage chock inside the red circle; the actual cast pewter chocks (although now with six sets in a pack rather that the five shown); and four chocks on an N gauge Parkwood Warflat wagon.