FV432 update set for the 2000s

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This accessory is one that I have made for myself, but have added it to the range as it might be of use for some others. In the year 2000 I attended Artillery Day at Larkhill in Wiltshire. At the display they had a recently updated FV432 with a new angular roof basket, and a rectangular bin fitted over the exhaust. It would appear that these additions were made to all in service FV432s as they were overhauled. I photographed a military train being loaded at Haverfordwest in 2004, which is what I have used for my N gauge Haverfordwest layout (and I started P G Models originally to make models for myself for this layout) where all of the FV4342s had these two new fittings. A few years later the FV432s were upgraded even further into FV432 Mk.3s, called Bulldog. These new fittings were included, plus new engines and driving controls, and now with a simpler exhaust. These two new parts will be okay for a relatively limited period of time, but they do update the model.