2 x 3/4 ton Trailers

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The 0.75 tonne trailer has been in service since the early 1970’s up to the 2000s. It has been towed by a wide variety of vehicles in the ¼ ton, ½ ton, ¾ ton and 1 ton types, principally the various different types of Land Rovers and Pinzgauers.

Unlike the larger 1.75 tonne trailer, this trailer has fixed ends and sides, and is made from welded steel. It is basically a metal box on wheels that is watertight, so it is capable of floating and can ford shallow water. An updated version of this trailer is the 0.75 tonne wide track trailer. This has a slightly greater distance between the two wheels to improve stability, and also now has a fold-down rear tail-gate. Another similar looking trailer is the earlier 0.5 tonne trailer used in the 1960s that was a similar shape, but with ‘X’ strengthening ribs along the ends and sides.

The trailer has been widely used by Army, Air Force, and Navy, with the Marines using a lot of them. It has seen extensive service in most conflicts since the 1970s including the Falklands, both Gulf Wars, and former Yugoslavia.