1 3/4 ton Trailer with Water Pods

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One of the features of British armoured vehicles that is most envied by other nations’ soldiers is the fitting of a boiling vessel (just like a large box shaped electric kettle) that is run off the vehicle’s electrical system that can be used for a brew of tea as soon as the vehicle parks up, and also to heat up sachets of ready meals. In order to maintain the water supply for the men and their vehicles, all units will have at least one water trailer towed behind a 4 tonne truck.

The standard water trailer of the 1980s through to the 2000s was the Arrow 1 ¾ tonne trailer fitted with two black plastic 150 gallon water pods. These were fixed to the trailer with shackles and with plastic piping to connect to a tap at the end of the trailer with the rear tailgate lowered down. This was used to fill the black plastic water jerrycans that are carried on all armoured vehicles and on most soft skin vehicles as well.

During operations in the desert the need for water greatly increases so as to avoid troops becoming dehydrated. In the first Gulf War (Operation Granby) these 150 gallon water pods were seen on the roofs of FV432s and fitted to the top hamper above the cab roof of Bedford MJs.