Humber 1 ton Truck

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The Humber 1 ton was an immediate Post War development by the Rootes Group for a vehicle in the 'CT' combat range. The concept was exactly the same as for the smaller Austin Champ that was also built at the same time as another CT vehicle. The War Office definition for 'CT' vehicles was for 'specialised military vehicles with multi-wheel drive, manufactuered from components not used for commercial purposes (as was the far more successful Land Rover) and required to give the best possible load carrying capacity and cross-country performance .....' Needless to say, the end result was a very impressive vehicle that performed well, but was significantly over-engineered and very expensive as a result.

The Humber 1 ton came in to service in 1952 as a cargo truck, as with this model. Most of the basic vehicles were out of service by 1969, although a specialist support vehicle for the Malkara missile system carried on for a few years later. The engine and chassis of this vehicle were later used for the Humber 1 ton Armoured Truck, better known as the 'Pig.'

A considerable number of these vehicles were later used for a number of years in 'civvy street.' One common conversion was to put a hoist and winch in the back. Many garages used these as a small recovery vehicle.