Stalwart Artillery Limber

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This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model of a Stalwart Limber that measures 43mm long, 19mm wide, and 23mm high. It weighs 34g and consists of 17 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

In Service - 1968 through to the early 90s

The Stalwart Artillery Limber was designed as a support vehicle for the Royal Artillery. Every Abbot; M109, M107 and M110 Self-Propelled Gun had at least one Stalwart Limber that accompanied the gun, that was loaded with artillery rounds, plus others further back in the supply chain.

The Limber had an Atlas crane fitted behind the cab, with control levers on the cab roof. Two seats were fitted either side of the crane for the gun crew, with a wooden partition to separate the gun crew from the ammunition. A canvas hood with clear vinyl window was fitted to offer some protection from the rain, but it must have been a very uncomfortable ride.

There was also a REME Fitters version of the Stalwart that had a similar crane, but with finer crane controls to allow engines to be carefully lifted in and out of vehicles. It is believed that the Fitters' Stalwart had just two seats by the crane, but it is not known if they were both on one side, or one on either side of the crane.

The model is supplied with two Atlas cranes. One folded, that fits in the slot in the partition, and one extended in operation. It is possible to cut the upright stanchion from one crane and fit it to the two outer arms from the other one to produce different crane positions.