Leyland DAF DROPS with 20ft Container

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In Service - late 1980s through to the present.

This kit has the same Leyland DAF DROPS truck as H06, but with the specialist flatrack for 20ft ISO containers. The flatrack has been designed specifically to carry the =C-Rail= Intermodal kit of a 20ft container. The kit of the container is made to 1/148th scale and so the end extensions (that attach to the rear locating lugs of the container) are 1mm longer to accomodate the slightly larger scale container.

The containers are usually painted orange-red, but sometimes can be found in olive green, or in disruptive military pattern with patches of black.

The model includes both the pewter DROPS vehicle and flatrack, and the =C-Rail= injection moulded plastic container, with instructions. Thanks to Aaran Aird for letting me include his kit with mine.