Bedford MK Tipper

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This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model of a Bedford MK Tipper that measures 40mm long, 17mm wide, and 20mm high. It weighs 24g and consists of 12 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

In Service - not certain, but believed to be late 1960s through to the early 90s

One rare variant of the Bedford MK was the MK/MJ Tipper. This was based on the short wheelbase 138in chassis which in ‘N’ gauge is 3mm shorter than the standard Cargo truck.

The short wheelbase chassis was fitted with an Edbro steel 6 cu yd end tipper body. It was used primarily by Royal Corps of Transport / Royal Logistics Corps regiments specifically in support of the Royal Engineers, who also used this vehicle.

One slightly unusual use for it was at the Royal School of Artillery at Larkhill on Salisbury Plain where it was used to carry fire beaters to put out fires caused by artillery shells to save them from spreading across the Plain. A similar tipper body has also been fitted to the Leyland DAF 4 tonner.