Bedford MJ Dropside

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This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model of a Bedford MJ Dropside that measures 43mm long, 17mm wide, and is 18mm high. It weighs 22g and consists of 9 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

In Service - early 1970s through to the early 2000s

This model shows the Bedford MJ as regularly seen in use by the RAF on airfields. It was also used without the tilt sometimes by the Army when bulky loads were being carried.

The standard colour scheme is Light Olive Green (Humbrol 86) with yellow stripes along the sides, and both ends. They were also used by the RAF like this in the first Gulf War where they were painted a slightly pinkish sand colour (Humbrol 250).

Please note that the model is supplied without transfers. Those shown are from the B W Models 1/76th scale (OO) range of kits, now available from Matador Models.