Warrior Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle

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This is an unassembled 1/152nd scale pewter model kit of a Warrior Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle that measures 44 mm long, 20 m wide, and is 18 mm high. It weighs 38 g and consists of 11 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

In Service 1988 through to the present.

The Warrior Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle is a variant of the Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle that is designed specifically to repair both Warrior Infantry Vehicles and Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks. It is operated by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) who deploy it within both Warrior and Challenger Regiments.

It first came in to service at the same time as the Warrior Infantry Vehicles in 1988 and, like them, is still in service now. It is fitted with a 6.5 tonne crane on its left side, with a retractable stabiliser behind it. The crane can lift either a Warrior Power Pack, or one for a Challenger 2. These are carried in a High Mobility Trailer that is available as a separate item A21 in this range. Two photos show the Warrior Repair with its associated trailer.