Samson Armoured Recovery Vehicle

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This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model kit of a Samson that measures 33mm long, 16mm wide, and 16mm high. It weighs 18g and consists of 7 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

In Service - 1979 through to the 2000s when they were fitted with diesel engines, still in service.

Samson is the Armoured Recovery Vehicle member of the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) [CVR(T)] family of vehicles. It has been in service since 1979 and is used by REME fitters attached to all units that use CVR(T) type vehicles such as Armoured Reconnaissance Regiments, Armoured Regiments (with Scimitars for close recce), and Mechanised Infantry (also with Scimitars or Sabres in close recce).

There is a large winch mounted behind the driver and Commander with the cable run out through the rear and pulleys on the hull roof for forward recovery. The usual method of recovery is to the rear, using the vehicle’s rear mounted earth anchor to hold the vehicle during winching. Another method of recovery developed for these vehicles is the use of a kinetic energy rope, similar to a bungee jumping rope. The recovery vehicle slowly goes forward with the rope between it and the stranded vehicle with the rope getting tighter and tighter until the energy in the rope pulls the stranded vehicle out of the mud.