Samaritan Armoured Ambulance

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This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model kit of a Samaritan that measures 34mm long, 19mm wide and is 16mm high. It weighs 18g and consists of 6 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

In Service - 1978 through to the 2000s when they were re-engined with diesel engines, and continue in service.

Samaritan is the armoured ambulance component of the CVRT family, and as such uses the CVR(T) automotive components allied to a new armoured box hull. The roof of the Samaritan has been raised to make more room for casualties, together with space for a medical orderly to administer medical care. The carrying capacity of Samaritan is flexible according to the situation. In peacetime the commander doubles as a medical orderly which gives room for four stretcher cases or five sitting wounded, a mix of two stretcher cases plus 3 sitting is possible.

In combat conditions it is intended that the number of crew will include a medical orderly, leaving the commander to look after the vehicle, but this extra crew member reduces the casualty capacity to only four stretchers and 2 sitting.

Other facilities to suit the medical role are improved ventilation and some consideration has been given to reducing internal noise levels, an extra large door is also fitted. The hull shape and configuration is shared by the Sultan.

The first Samaritans entered service in 1978. Being an ambulance the Samaritan carries no defensive armament other than two multi barrel smoke dischargers on the hull front.

Please note that the model is supplied without transfers. Those shown are from the B W Models 1/76th scale (OO) range of kits, now available from Matador Models.