FV434 Maintenance Carrier

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This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model kit of an FV434 that measures 39mm long, 19mm wide, and is 20mm high. It weighs 28g and consists of 10 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

In Service - from the late 1960s through to the present, with upgrading to the same standard as the FV432 MK.3 Bulldog on the 2000s.

The FV434 is a member of the FV432 family of APC's and is operated by the REME, its primary role is to repair disabled and damaged vehicles, for example changing the complete power pack of an FV432.

The FV434 was used by all Armoured Regiments from the late 1960s up to the 1990s to change Chieftain power packs, but is too small to handle the larger Challenger 1 and now Challenger 2 packs, and so has been replaced in the Armoured Regiments by the larger Warrior Recovery and Repair Vehicles. It is still widely used by REME Units attached to Armoured Engineers and Royal Signals, and to support FV432 vehicles in the Mechanised Infantry Regiments.

The rear comaptment is designed to hold a power pack such as a Leyland L60 engine for a Chieftain, or an FV430 series Rolls Royce engine. The vehicle was frequently fitted with part of a tilt from a Beford MK/MJ lorry to form a penthouse over the rear compartment to form living space for the crew during exercises.