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This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model of a Ferret Mk.1/2 that measures 25mm long, 12mm wide, and 12mm high. It weighs 10g and consists of 8 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy.

In Service - 1962 through to the early 90s (many used in the first Gulf War)

The Ferret Mk. 1/2 was classed as a Light Reconnaissance vehicle (LRV). The main difference between this vehicle and the Mk. 2/3 is that the 1/2 has a small fixed turret that was originally fitted with an externally mounted .303 Bren gun, and later with a 7.62mm general purpose machine gun (GPMG). These vehicles were made between 1962 and 1966 and have served in a wide variety of units. More of these were used during the first Gulf War than the Mk.2/3 version.