Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank

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This is an un-assembled 1/152nd scale model kit of a Challenger that measures 75mm (gun forward), 24mm wide, and is 21mm high. It weighs 60g and consists of 10 parts that are made of lead-free pewter alloy, and 3 parts that are made of photo-etched nickel-silver.

In Service - 1983 up to the early 2000s when most of the fleet of Challenger 1s were sold off to Jordan and replaced by Challenger 2s.

During the early 1980s the Military Vehicles and Engineering Establishment (MVEE) work on a multinational project the MBT 80 as a replacement for the Chieftain tank was cancelled. At the same time, they were also working on a development of the Chieftain for the Iranian Army which led to production of the FV4030-3 Shir 2. However, the contract was cancelled after the fall of the Shah of Iran. With some modifications for use in Europe, this was developed into the FV 4030-4 which was adopted as the Challenger 1 by the British Army. It came into service in 1983 with The Royal Hussars and gradually replaced the Chieftain to become the Main Battle Tank of the British Army.

In 1987 Challenger took part in the Canadian Army Trophy tank gunnery competition where it came last, much to the concern of many. However, three years later in 1990-91 it took part in Operation Granby, the first Gulf War, to liberate Kuwait. Challenger was an outstanding success with 300 Iraqi kills, one at the longest range in military history of 5.1 km. Since then, Challenger 1 has been widely used in the former Yugoslav states. Towards the end of the 1990s it was superseded by Challenger 2 after a lengthy set of trials against other rival tanks. All of the Challenger 1 tanks and their Scammell Commander tank transporters were sold for a nominal sum to the Jordanian Army, together with a substantial spares contract.