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These 'N' gauge pewter models are made to exactly 2mm:1ft (1/152nd). They are designed to compliment both 1/144th scale Aircraft models and 'N' gauge model Railways (1/148th in the UK, or 1/160th in the US and Europe). These models may also be of interest to 12mm scale wargamers

The models are of vehicles used by the British Army and Royal Air Force (and some by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines) from the 1950s to the present. Many can also be easily adapted for use as civilian vehicles. The range includes both wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles as well as different types of trucks from Land Rovers to tank transporters.

Warrior in hand

They are supplied as kits that can be assembled using either Epoxy Resin or Cyanoacrylate Superglue or, for a stronger bond, can be fixed together using Low Temperature Solder. It is recommended that the models are primed with a grey primer before painting in enamels or acrylics. A good effect can be obtained for the windows of the trucks and light vehicles by first painting in a matt paint. When completely dry, gently rub over the window area with a soft pencil.

Any dimensions or weights given are intended to be used solely as a guide to modellers and should not be regarded as a specific description of the model.  Where quoted, dimensions are given to the nearest millimetre.  The weights shown are approximate only and are accurate to within 2 grammes.  


I have today 27th January 2017 purchased another batch of pewter from my supplier, to find that the price has increased substantially.  The pewter is the main element of cost to me, and so I was faced with two alternatives, either not to order any more pewter and close the business, or to pay the higher price and pass on the increase to my customers.  I have decided on the latter for now and shall see how it goes in the course of this year.  I have absorbed as much of the price increase as I can, but all models are now more expensive, except for the transfers, which don't have any metal in them.

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Humber 1 ton Truck

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